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Goldpac pushing boundaries on consumer fintech at Seamless Middle East 2023

Showcasing new technologies in a bank branch environment

DUBAI, UAE, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Goldpac Fintech exhibiting its latest technologies at Seamless Middle East 2023 (booth A20). Six displays and demonstrations address current payment card issuance needs, from premium card printing finishes and effects, to fast, efficient card issuance solutions and self-service kiosk technologies. AI technologies addressing high-throughput content verification and homomorphic encryption are also available, providing early access to new technologies that more deeply address operational challenges faced by financial institutions.

A simulated bank branch environment, complete with teller window and back-office setup, provides an ideal setting to demonstrate the latest enhancement and upgrades to Goldpac’s payment card issuance technologies.

A host of consumer-focused demonstrations are available and range from customer onboarding (SST-502) and instant card issuance, to card dispensing (ACE301) and on-demand picture cards utilizing text-to-image AI image generation (DCE160, GoldAudit and Marvel Digital Ai). These are all designed to shorten queues, lower manpower requirements, reduce demand on teller windows and thereby elevate customer services quality.

At the back-office, an employee staff card onboarding and issuance scenario demonstrates how an all-in-one card issuance printer (PIE001) easily handles identity verification, photo ID capture, and card issuance without the need for an external PC. In collaboration with Marvel Digital Ai, the photo ID step applies Goldpac developed computational algorithms embedded in Marvel Digital Ai’s edge computing AI chip to process photos in accordance with relevant photo ID requirements, paving the way for further edge computing-related applications.

AI algorithms and processes are also used by the GoldAudit content verification system to facilitate high-throughput content services. High volumes of content (image, text, or video) can be passed through a rules-based AI engine to ensure high rates of accuracy when vetting and authorizing content. This unlocks the possibility for future, large-scale, customized consumer-driven service and product delivery.

Goldpac is also making inroads in providing new categories of products and services for financial institutions. Homomorphic encryption enables dissimilar business organizations to exchange, analyze, and examine encrypted data to unearth fresh consumer insights without exposing any raw data.

Future financial services will likely become increasingly platform based. Goldpac is focusing on enabling technologies that will help evolve the digital transformation process for financial institutions and other industries alike.

About Goldpac

Goldpac provides products and solutions that addresses the financial industry’s diverse needs for secure, and easy to use payment solutions. These solutions cover user onboarding, personalization and payment device issuance systems, and self-service kiosks and desktop printers.

Its operations cover a wide range of businesses and sectors from financial services, telecommunications, social security and healthcare, to transport, retail, mobile payment, identity, third-party payment platforms and other security services domains.

Its mission is to promote the widespread adoption of secure payment technologies allowing people everywhere to benefit from the freedom of a safe and convenient payment experience.

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