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IgniteTech Announces GenAI Transformation Across its Entire Software Portfolio with CoPilot

As part of its visionary commitment to pioneering next-gen enterprise solutions, IgniteTech is set to introduce GenAI components to all its software products.

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — IgniteTech, the enterprise software powerhouse known as “Where Software Goes to Thrive™,” today unveiled a groundbreaking initiative to bolster its entire portfolio of over 50 software products with GenAI capabilities. Building on the recent success of the Jive CoPilot™ addition, IgniteTech will introduce the “CoPilot” GenAI component to every product, advancing its position at the forefront of software companies with GenAI-driven enterprise solutions.


Each product in the extensive IgniteTech lineup will soon have its own CoPilot, harnessing the transformative power of GenAI. Whether it’s the Jive CoPilot, DNN CoPilot, or any other product in the lineup, users can expect a leap in functionality, utility, and overall user experience.

After the swift integration and success of Jive CoPilot™ introduced shortly after Jive joined the IgniteTech family, the company recognized the vast potential of GenAI across the board. Not only does Jive CoPilot harness GenAI for sophisticated data summarization, Q&A capabilities, and advanced search, but some of Jive’s largest global customers are already actively exploring and benefiting from this groundbreaking capability. This real-world application and positive reception from top-tier clients showcased the immense possibilities GenAI can introduce to enterprise software.

Eric Vaughan, IgniteTech’s CEO, remarked on this significant initiative, “With Jive CoPilot, we showcased our dedication to integrating cutting-edge GenAI technology. Now, we’re excited to embark on this transformative journey for our entire product range. Our GenAI-first strategy underpins our vision for the future of enterprise software – making it smarter, more responsive, and infinitely more efficient.”

As the tech industry continues its rapid evolution, IgniteTech remains focused on staying ahead of the curve, ensuring its clients always have access to the most advanced tools available. The comprehensive integration of the CoPilot GenAI enhancements across the entire product range solidifies IgniteTech’s reputation as a trailblazer in the next generation of enterprise software solutions.

About IgniteTech

Founded in 2010, IgniteTech is one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies and a proud member of the privately-held ESW Capital group. Staying true to its corporate vision, “Where Software Goes to Thrive™,” IgniteTech continues to grow predominantly through acquisitions. It remains committed to its three pillars: 1) safeguarding and stabilizing its acquisitions; 2) innovating continuously and transitioning to the AWS cloud; and 3) providing unparalleled value through its unique Netflix-style software subscription, offering customers access to every product in its solution suites.

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